Camel Safaris

Camel Safaris


Transfers are not part of the safari cost. However we organize for you and you will generally arrive at Maralal in the late afternoon. Lunch en route is not included, dinner at our Maralal Camel Club and overnight in our self-contained Bandas.

After breakfast, you head off with your camel and guides into the bush. We cannot say what you might encounter. The game is not prolific, but you will definitely see Zebras, Gazelles, possible Ostriches and sometimes Elephants.

The safari is through scrub and bush, at walking pace, where you may choose to ride or walk as you please. The saddles are made from local branches, tied together, and covered with mattresses.

The safari continues on the same venue, morning camel trekking, picnic lunch at the camp, or in the bush. The afternoon sun can be quit hot, so you may just relax or choose to take a nature walk with then Morans, returning for a hot evening meal around the campfire before retiring to bed.

continuing through the bush and terrain changes and we hope to see hippo today at our last campsite by a water cache. Here you share experiences around the campfire before your final ride back to Yare club in the morning.

The last day you return to the club, arriving at about 1100 hrs. Here you transfer back to a self contained Banda for the night. After lunch your Moran can take you into the frontier town of Maralal to see the colorful market and explore the old trading settlement. This evening, Moran’s ladies will sing and dance for you before dinner and a comfortable night rest.

Breakfast before you transfer back to Nairobi. Once more, this transfer is not part of the Safari cost, but organized by Yare for your convenience on a seal in an available vehicle basis. You should arrive in Nairobi late afternoon. Lunch is not included.